Haskar del Chapulin
On September 2021, the sire, Haskar del Chapulin, and its daughter, Ossia RH, were successful again in eventing sports. Haskar was in Chateaubriant, France, ridden by Sandra SIMON and Ossia was in Trebel-Liepe ridden by Scaba Sarkoezi.
Haskar del Chapulin is an Anglo-arabian sire, (72.83% Arabian) , chesnut, born in 2005.
He is son of ASKAR Anglo-Arabian and his mare, PEDRA (Anglo-arabian) is born in Spain.
Haskar del Chapulin has had a very good index of 132 in eventing sports in 2018.
Ossia is daughter of haskar del Chapulin, with anglo-arabian mare Oceania.
Both of them have been bred by Heliodoro Ramos Arzate, in Germany.


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