Annex to the Statutes

I – Four working commissions have been created to serve the CIAA :

  • A Stud Book commission
  • A Promotion commission
  • A Sport commission
  • A Racing Commission

They meet at least once a year during the General Assembly of the CIAA and as many times as their President deems necessary.

II – The Stud Book, Promotion and Sport commissions are composed of 4 members elected for 4 years by the General Assembly among the delegates.

The Racing Commission is composed of two members elected for 4 years by the General Assembly among the delegates and of two other members appointed by the Mediterranean Anglo-Arabian Horse Federation.

III – Each commission elects a President from among its members. There is one outgoing member each year at the General Assembly.

It is drawn by lot the first three times. The members are reeligible.

IV – The Stud-book commission has the task of drawing up and applying the procedure for the approval of stud books. It verifies that the herd books of the member countries are in conformity with the protocol of agreement of Venice and the Community directives for the European countries. It carries out its task either at the request of a CIAA member or on its own initiative.

The results of the verifications are transmitted to the CIAA Board, which will present them with its proposals to the General Assembly for validation.

V – The Promotion Commission is responsible for the promotion of the breed.

It shall take all appropriate initiatives for the development and diffusion of the Anglo-Arabian market.

VI – The Sport Commission has the task of programming international events reserved for the Anglo-Arab (show jumping, eventing, etc.)

VII – The Racing Commission shall set up joint actions to develop races reserved for Anglo-Arabs and shall standardise the programmes.

In addition, it proposes to the General Assembly all suggestions concerning the management of the breed and the breeding programmes in the different countries.