Breed criteria

Thanks to a rational selection, the Anglo arabian horse has known very significative evolutions of its morphology and character.
Not higher than founder Arabian horse (1.50m to 1.60m max), it’s quite common to find 1.66m and more anglo arabian horse.

They have very nice face (with large and well opened eyes, a wide forehead, and mobile ears), a well attached neck, deep thorax and long and well oriented croup.

In general, anglo arabian horses have lighter bones but strong back and legs.

With very supple and outstanding paces, it’s a very chic, brave, reactive horse with not only very good balance but also exceptional resistance to effort.

Its harmonious morphology and strong personality makes him a modern horse with a great deal of charm!

fusain du defey


Contrary to what could be expected according to its name, the anglo arabian horse is of French origin. The first official crossing between thoroughbred and Arabian horses had been made in the South West of France, in Limousin, just after the stud book creation in 1833 (which already included Arabian, Thouroughbred and Anglo arabian horses). In the middle of the 19th century, horses appeared with lightness, elegance and endurance coming from Arabian ancestors but also size, power and speed from Thoroughbred.


This horse is well known and exported because of its genetic.
Actually, the Anglo arabian horse is recognized by various other European stud books as a breed enhancer thanks to its elegance, reactivity and energy, which are essential qualities expected for sport horse. Among the very best French sires, we could mention Zeus (by Arlequin AA and Urielle by Madator), born in 1972, head of breed, he has enriched various stud books such as KWPN, Oldenburg, Hanovrian and Westphalian. Another famous excellent sire is Inschallah ex Josselin (by Israel AA) born in 1968 who had very good results in dressage production in Germany.

The sport type

The Anglo arabian horse is mainly used for sport. Actually, it’s a very good athlet able to reach the very high level thanks to its physical and mental qualities.
Very used and appreciated in eventing because of its speed, resitance, reactivity and skill, the Anglo arabian breed is one of the best in the World. He is also very good in show jumping and some of them with more arabian origins excel in endurance.

type sport

The race type

There is also Anglo arabians horses dedicated for racehorses. Lots of races are organized in South West of France and the very best of them could meet thoroughbred and AQPS on the famous Parisian horse tracks.

type course